royal Launched the World's First foldable Smartphone

world's first foldable smartphone

For the past 2 years, the news is going on that Samsung will launch the world's first foldable smartphone. After this, another news came in, claiming that Huawei would launch the world's first turn-based smartphone. Now LG has also convinced that it will launch a phone in the consumer electronics show, but leaving behind all these companies, Royal Technology has launched the world's first foldable smartphone FlexPai in China. Explain that Royal Technologies has the advantage of making the display that is turning

price and processor.

 Talk about the value of the Flex Pai smartphone, its starting price is 9,000 Chinese yuan i.e. about 95,300 rupees. The sale of this phone has started in China on November 1. During the launch of this phone, the company has stated that Qualcomm has Snapdragon 855 processor. Please tell us that this processor has not even started yet. The company has also claimed that this phone will get a new MI and it also has the support of 5G.


Talking about the specifications of FlexPai, FlexPai has a 7.8-inch Amolade display whose aspect ratio is 4: 3 and the same display turns 4 inches after turning. This phone has been given Android OS. FlexPixie will get 6GB / 8GB RAM and 128GB / 256GB and 512GB in inbuilt storage variant. There is a dual rear camera setup in which one camera is 16 megapixels and the other is 20 megapixels. Only self-clicks can be done from the rear camera. The company has not provided any information about the battery.
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