google pixel 3 xl specifications 2018 smartphone

google pixel 3 xl

Google recently launched it's most expensive Android phone Pixel 3XL. Its 64 GB model costs Rs 83 thousand and 128 GB of 92 thousand rupees, which makes it the most expensive Android phone.


6.3 inch QHD Plus display, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Protection, Android 9.0, Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB RAM, 64 or 128 GB storage, 12.2 MP dual pixel rear camera and 8-8 megapixel selfie camera, 3430 mAh battery

The phone does not become fast due to excessive GB, the picture quality is not the best after being megapixel and the battery does not run much if it is more mAh ... These are some simple wicks which are lost in the specifications of the specs And people started evaluating the numbers according to the count of these numbers instead of the Experience. We used to understand this difference while using Pixel 3XL continuously. There are many USP pixels, its camera, its speed, battery management, software power

The camera of this phone makes you amazed, whether it is in the day or in a lesser light, pictures, dept, depth and color are very good, they do not have the glow of counterfeit and they do not split even after zooming too much. Diet meets Now it's a 12.2 megapixel dual pixel camera. The camera has a special effect called Playground, so that you can surprise people by bringing all the live waking emoji characters in your photo like Hulk, Captain America.

Google will activate the lens, then the object of your photo will be searched by Google and will be able to find information, whether it is a picture of a flower or a dog, its breed or variety information will be found on your screen. There are also many effects like slow motion, super zoom. The front has dual cameras, two eight-eight megapixels. They get wide angle selfies and portrait effects. In Portrait you can increase the blur effect after drawing a picture. In photobooth mode you can just click the photo from your smile.

This box is equipped with the most latest Android 9.0 pixels. You operate it with a single home button. In a short while you learn its new features easily. For the app tray the screen will drag the dragon up from the bottom. The latest apps used are also accessible from the bottom. You can activate the Google Assistant if you press the phone's body on both sides of the hand. In the phone's setting, there is a feature called Digital Velbying, which tells you which app you are spending so much time on.

Do not stick to the phone itself, for this it gives you the option of setting a timer for the restriction. Also, you can also set the phone to which app notifications you want and not. Based on software, there are so many features that everyone can not be written here, so understand that the phone itself understands itself and gives you a chance to do many new things. The integration of Google Assistant takes it one level forward.

Phones are ready to come up to 10 GB of RAM, but pixels 3 XL proves that more RAM is a number that we do not understand, yet we get into it. It also gives you fast speed with the latest Android and Snapdragon 845 processor in 4GB RAM. The phone does not hang in multitasking and we do not even get the heating problem. The phone's RAM management is better. If this app is not used then how to treat it and where it needs more speed, there is a difference between what to do.

This is the reason why the 3430 mAh battery also gives us all-day performance in heavy use and there is no drop. If the phone is not being used, then its battery level remains at its level even in that condition. USB Type C Fast Charger comes with it. One more thing, it does not have separate jacks for headphones, the headphone of Type C Charger is provided with it. There is a separate jack for 3.5mm headphones. Due to the dual front speakers, the speaker output quality is also good.

One thing is certain that there is no separate space for storage. The phone we reviewed has 64GB of storage. The second model is of 128 GB. Even if there was an option for more storage then it would have been better. Although you also get unlimited storage to save your photos in Google Photos.

6.3-inch QHD plus display, which offers the quality of inches (ppi) on 522 pixels, which is one of the best in this range. Adaptive display, which can increase the brightness by light. Always on display is a work feature, so you can see unlocking the phone without necessary notifications. Knouch's trend has been made, though it can even knock you down to see photos or videos. The back side is a half-matte body which makes it look different from others and beautiful.

Its 64 GB model costs Rs 83 thousand and 128 GB of 92 thousand rupees, which makes it the most expensive Android phone. But this is the phone's calligraphy phone and it keeps itself at the most premium place too.
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