Big cyber attack in Italy, hackers thousands of security officials's account hacked

cyberattack in Italy

Every day we hear about cyberattack. They are not taking the name of the cyber attack less. Let's say, there is news of a huge cyber attack in Italy. The news in Reuters shows that hackers have taken over thousands of certified email accounts in their hands due to cyber attacks in Italy.

  That's a lot of trouble. Please tell, a senior official said that these certified email accounts also include accounts of magistrates and security officers. Which can pose a threat to the country's security

What is Certified Email 

 Certified email guarantees the validity of the sender's identity. They have a clear legal status for the date and time of sending email, time and email receipt. At the same time, Cyber Security Incharge Roberto Baldoni said in the matter that this was the worst cyber attack after January this year. However, the situation has been overrun at the moment.

 When happened attack

 A police officer said that this cyber attack was on November 12. In which people around Rome were targeted. At the same time, hackers targeted the targeted email holders in this cyber attack. Including the security officer and magistrate. Roberto Baldoni says hackers may have access to data of 500,000 accounts.
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