do you also use whatsApp then read it

do you also use whatsapp


whatsApp was first launched in 2009 and now this app is used in 180 countries around the world and about 1 billion users use this app. whatsApp is much more prevalent since its launch and comes number 1 app in its category and in 2018 this app have 1 billion plus downloads in play store. whatsApp is a messaging app which have many feature like chatting,video calling,video sharing and many messaging features with free of coast.
but in return this app is using your chatting data contacts data your location and many more personal information for make money using ads. this app also use your personal data and information and monitor you and then sell this personal information to many companies when necessary .
and the owner of whatsApp conform that they use your personal data for there profit.

hackers attack

The news came a few days ago that a virus could harm approximately 100 million Android handsets. At the same time, the recent news give headache to whatsApp users.

This news is especially for consumers who use the WhatsApp web site, those people are more at risk of security. According to  can steal data from the web and harm files. This news has been published on first gadgets dot NDTV.

However, information has been given to WhatsApp, and the company has sent an update related to it on August 21. New updates do not threaten this virus. But if the web site is not updated, then this virus can harm it.

Significantly, WhatsApp is a mobile based messenger service. More than 100 million consumers worldwide are using WhatsApp. In February this year, the company launched WhatsApp WebSite Web of WhatsApp.
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