5g technology in xiaomi mi mix 3

5g technology

5g technology 

5g means Fifth Generation and it is currently a technology beyond the existing 4G network means  Forth Generation Wireless Connection,the 5g which will work on multi-fold Advanced Antenna Technology, in which it can be transmitted data in more quantity and data from one place to another very repidely .This technology will be come in commerciaolly use in 2019. Until 2019, the testing of technology has been done very rapidly. from this 5g technolgy the data data tranmit speed reach up to 20 gbps and it has been tested by jio and Airtel Telecom Services in India, which is why we are looking forward to seeing very good results in Future.

xiaomi mi mix 3 with 5g connectivity

xiaomi mi mix 3
Chinese smartphone maker xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is in the process of launching. Lee Bin, the company's president on Chinese social media platform Weibo, has hinted to be a sliding camera in this coming smartphone. A photo has also been released in which it is fully visible as a bezel less. Let me tell you that the Mi Mix series is known for the Bezel Less Display smartphone and the company launched the first Main Stream Bezal Less Smartphone Mi Mix.

According to the report, this smartphone can be launched on September 15. The company has released its teaser, which shows that there will not be a design notch nor will it bezel. Recently, Oppo launched FindX smartphones that have a slider camera. Slider cameras will also be provided in xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

Earlier, the Mi MiX series has been offered in the smartphones under the selfie camera display. But this time the front camera will not be down, but rather in the slider itself. xiaomi's  CEO Lee Jun also shared some similar information and gave it a hint to bring it to the market soon. He has asked his employees to hurry up the production and sell it on large scale.

At present, apart from the teaser of this smartphone, the company has not shared much information about it. Some things that are certain are that it will be a high end smartphone and its hardware will be of the top. Talk about the processor, the Qualcomm's flagship processor SnapDragon will be 845 and the company will use Amoled Display.

It is worth mentioning that xiaomi can launch three new smartphones in India on September 5. For this, the company has started sending media invites. The company will hold this event in Delhi and during this time Redmi 6, Redmi 6A and Redmi 6 Pro are expected to be launched.
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5g technology

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